Hallie (#Cloverdale12)

16 years old

Chestnut (with star) QH Mare

Hallie is small chestnut quarter type mare with a star, estimated to be around 16 years old. Hallie seems to have some life experience as she was familiar with most normal care procedures including grooming, hoof care, being tacked up, lunged and ridden.  She is a very sweet girl and thriving in her foster home. Hallie has had her dental work and vaccinations, deworming, hoof care, and has been body clipped.  She is happy, healthy, and is ready for adoption.  She has proven herself to be a willing and accepting horse during her learning experiences. Her first visit with the farrier, for instance, went very well.  She learned quickly how to balance herself in order to have her hooves trimmed. She is not displaying aggression and tries hard to figure out what is being asked of her. With the right person to guide her, Hallie has a great deal of potential and talent!

Please email  director@sonomachangeprogram.com for more information. 

UPDATE March 2019:  Hallie is working routinely under saddle! She had her ears forward and approaches her training with an "ears forward" can-do attitude! She is sound and is able to take walk, trot and canter cues. She is enjoying the attention and shows great potential as a riding horse.  She tries hard and is engaged in learning- this is one smart mare!  Her gentle and giving disposition shines through in everything that she does- it is hard to believe how far she has come in just a few short months. 

Here is Hallie letting the trainer hop on.  Saddle? Bridle? Rider on my back? NO PROBLEM!    Check her out in these video clips:


Hallie on June 7, 2018:



At Intake:

Hallie hanging out with her pasture mate Annie:

Hallie in May, 2018