Ethel (#Cloverdale12)

12 years old

Pinto Mare

Ethel is a 12-year-old pinto mare. She was one of the thinnest of the Cloverdale 12. Every bone stood out under her coat, but she walked right up to her rescuers and hopped in the trailer at first asking. She wasn’t too sure about baths at first, but she too loves warm water, and she will leave her food to get a grooming. She loves being groomed so much she likes to return the favor and groom the human back, turning her head to rub you with her lips while being brushed.

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UPDATE: January 2019: Ethel is doing very well in her evaluation and training sessions! She is an attentive and eager learner and has been very well-behaved on th lunge line. She has received her vaccinations, deworming, and had her feet trimmed.  Most importantly, she received much-needed dental work to correct pretty significant dental issues that were present merely because nobody had worked on her teeth before.  Now, she is GOOD AS NEW and has a clean bill of health from the veterinarian.  Through all of her rehabilitation, Ethel has been a team player and has trusted the people around her to help her.  She is personable, gentle and loves attention. She is ready to be adopted into a forever loving home.


Here are photos of Ethel taken on June 7, 2018:

At Intake: