B.T. (a.k.a. "Gracie")

B.T., also nicknamed "Gracie" by her foster mom, remains one of the most intelligent and intuitive horses that CHANGE has had the honor of helping.  This beautiful 17-year-old quarter horse mare that was brought to CHANGE over during the 2014 holidays after being found staked to the ground with a 20-foot line in the middle of a Santa Rosa field in the pouring rain. She entangled herself in the rope, causing deep burns and lacerations to her hind pasterns. CHANGE provided medical treatment and TLC for her, and despite everything that she had been through, her desire to interact and trust humans still remains. She is a bit timid at first, but has never once shown any signs of aggression. She has stood perfectly still as her pastern wounds were scrubbed and dressed each day. Her polite, exemplary behavior makes her the perfect candidate for an advanced beginner. She is cool, calm and collected and is up to date on dental care, hoof care, vaccinations, deworming and blood work. She does not have Cushing's disease. She gets along well with other horses, trailers and ties like a champ and is very-well behaved in hand. Due to the extreme nature of her injuries, B.T. cannot be ridden. If you are interested in adopting B.T. to make her a forever-member of your loving family, contact CHANGE at director@sonomachangeprogram.com or call (707) 570-7050.  Please give this beautiful mare a chance, one look in her eyes and you will feel the connection.

December, 2014
B.T., December 2014       

B.T., December 2014      B.T., December 2014 

B.T., December 2014       B.T., December 2014

January, 2015
B.T., January 2015