9 year old QH or Paint gelding

15.2 hands


Update: Dec. 14, 2016
Nemo has gone home for the holidays! We know magical things can happen during the holiday season, but this is the most magical of all. Nemo, our special, challenging, just-needed-his-perfect-fit boy has been adopted. His wonderful adopter had fostered him for training and when it came down to it, neither she nor her husband could live with out him. We had moved him to a different foster and it helped her realize her life needed Nemo in it. He was decked our for the season when she came to pick him up. Now called Auggie, we couldn’t be more pleased, thankful or thrilled for these guys! We see lots of nose kisses in his future, whether he wants them or not! Magic can happen folks, when all of us work together.


Update: 12/7/16
Nemo is available for adoption, though at this time we are offering him as a companion horse. He has been ridden and had some excellent professional training, but he'll need some maintenance as a riding horse. This young, flashy boy has a lot of personality and wants so badly to have a person to call his own. Are you that special person?
Nemo is steadily improving from his ongoing issues with body soreness.  A change in shoeing and some careful bodywork and strength building, thanks to the diligent work of his foster Mom has our handsome boy feeling better. He’s not quite ready to go back up for adoption, but will be soon. Here is the latest from his foster Mom: “He’s definitely doing better. Still has some issues were working with, but I have started riding him!”
We’ll let you know when this handsome boy is ready for his forever home.

Update 9/7/16

Nemo recently had a full work up at a local clinic, and while we didn’t find a smoking gun, we have a few leads we are chasing down. We will keep everybody updated on this sweet boy’s progress. 

Nemo has temporarily moved back in to rehab as we get to the bottom of some ongoing soreness. He continues to thrive under the loving care of his foster Mom, and just gets sweeter every day, proving to be the gentle and kind boy we always knew he was. We look forward to having Nemo available to a permanent loving home soon. 

Update 8/11/16

Nemo is a horse who has been in search of his person. He's had a bit of a rough road to this point, but he is now in training with someone who understands and loves him and he has simply blossomed. He's going nicely under saddle, and ould make an excellent trail riding companion. It does seem he would do best with shoes, as there have been some foot soreness issues, and with someone who is willing to keep up with chiropractic and other types of bodywork. He has waited so long to "come home," could he come home with you? 

Update 5/14/16

Nemo has gone in to training! Nemo is being put back to work after being allowed to rest and recuperate. A local trainer will be doing groundwork, and lots of body healthy under saddle work to help prepare him for his new life. Are you looking for a fun guy to spend your riding days with? Contact us to check out Nemo!


Nemo is a 15 hand, 7 year old Quarter Horse/breeding stock Paint type gelding. Nemo has solid under-saddle training but would prefer a laid-back trail type home. He is the "way more whoa than go variety" but still needs miles and exposure to new things. 

Nemo needs a confident intermediate handler/rider. He was gelded late, at age 3.5. Although he has made the transition well to geldinghood, he can be a little dominant on the ground sometimes. Nemo does best with a confident intermediate-plus adult female rider/handler weighing 160 pounds or less who maintains good boundaries for behavior.

Nemo would like a home where he can have lots of turnout and will receive maintenance chiropractic and bodywork care every 2 months. He seems to need this in order to maintain a healthy body.

This is a sweet horse who loves his people. He can be shy with men due to previous bad experiences and so we are looking for placement with a woman. Nemo can have some "attitude" at times on the ground and needs a handler who can be a confident leader. He is consistently sound with no known health issues. Bathes, ties, load, hauls.

Nemo is currrently shod and does best with least front shoes. Happy in the barn or outside. Gets along well with other horses his size. Current on dental, vaccinations, worming and feet.  

Nemo is looking for a lifetime home with someone who will commit to him through thick and thin. He has waited a long, long time for a person who will love him. Could you be that person? Please email for more info.  

$150 adoption fee to approved permanent home.


Don't miss out on this guy—one of the nicest horses CHANGE has taken into foster care in a long time.

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May, 2013
Nemo - May 2013   Nemo - May 2013

Nemo - May 2013   Nemo - May 2013 

Nemo - May 2013   Nemo -May 2013