The CHANGE Program welcomes Luna's baby "Lucy." She was born on Thursday, November 17, in the early morning.  Unfortunately, she got off to a rough start because she had difficulty standing and walking. Lucy had several signs of prematurity, and had some trouble getting enough oxygen during birth. The CHANGE Program veterinarian, along with her dedicated foster mom instituted treatment for Lucy. She was started on medications and her legs were splinted to straighten them and provide support.  Her mother, Luna, has been confused as to why her newborn was not able to stand and move. In her efforts to get her to stand, Luna actually began to hurt little Lucy, so the two had to be separated for the foal's protection. The foster parents kept a 24-hour vigil and helped Lucy nurse off of Luna every 2 hours. CHANGE Program board members and volunteers also assisted through the weekend. In just a few days, the splints were off of Lucy's legs and she was able to lie down, get up and run around.  She and Luna have been again placed together and she is a happy baby donkey well on her way to health.

Stay tuned for more news about Lucy!.

November, 2011
Luna and Lucy     Lucy

Lunca and Lucy     Luna and Lucy

Luna and Lucy     Lucy and Luna

Lucy and Luna     Lucy and others

January, 2012
Lucy and Luna     Arrival Day