Mr. Pony

Pony Boy is a Welsh pony gelding who entered CHANGE Program foster care emaciated and depressed. He came from a home where he wasn't being fed properly. This pony has an extensive history of being used in Pony Club and has been ridden by beginner riders. Mr. Pony fought internal Pigeon Fever--and won! Thanks to his devoted foster mom, who gave up a whole summer to nurse him back to health, he is now healthy and strong. Kind, wonderful pony who is gentle, bombproof, and loves children. No vices. Gets along well with other horses. Clips, ties, bathes, loads, hauls, great in new places. Is said to be a wonderful cross country jumper; former D1 to D2 level mount.


Day Two 
Mr. Pony - Day Two     Mr. Pony on arrival

Mr.Pony - Day Two 

14 Days
Mr. Pony - 14 days 

Mr. Pony - 14 days 

25 Days
Mr. Pony - 25 days