Gabby (#Cloverdale12)

UPDATE- July 2018: Congratulations to Lori and her family for adopting Gabby!  We are so happy that Gabby gets to live locally with such amazing horse people!

14 years old

"Dunalino" QH

Gabby is a 14-year-old “dunalino” Quarter Horse mare. We are pleased to report that Gabby is rehabilitated and ready for adoption!  She has had dental work done with the powerfloat, vaccinations, deworming, and hoof care.  She has gained weight and is now at an ideal body condition and her skin and coat are healthy.  She is the sweetest, most talkative horse CHANGE has seen in a while!  We actually named her Gabby because she knickers at passers-by just to say "hello"!  She has an unbreakable positive spirit and she has remained upbeat and friendly despite all she has been through.  This horse is a one-in-a-million mare and she will be so happy when someone makes her a member of their family!

Gabby has had a saddle and bridle put on her and she hasn't given them a second thought!  We will begin lunging her this week under tack.  Here is a video of her first lunging session- a total pro!


Gabby on June 7:

At Intake: