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A volunteer will respond to your email within 48 hours. This email is not intended for reporting equine emergencies. Contact Sonoma County Animal Control to report equine neglect or abuse.

Volunteer Opportunities


Procure donations for auctions / raffles / tack swaps, sell tickets to events, attend events and help with set-up, clean-up and help during the events.


Photograph horses, meet with prospective adoptors to show a horse, conduct site checks at prospective adoptive homes, answer information calls, check references, process adoption questionnaires, transport horses to adoptive homes, and conduct follow-up assessments of horses placed in adoptive homes.


Disseminate via phone or email: court dates / times and changes to scheduled court cases. Manage volunteers who attend court proceedings; attend court proceedings. Coordinate writing letters to the probation depatment and reporting on court cases to CHANGE board members.


Photocopy course syllabi and attend education courses as a proctor / assistant. Assist with horse handling labs by holding horses. Teach Animal Control officers how to handle horses.

Horse rehab and training

Assist with treatments to horses in foster care. Perform behavioral assessments and/or training evaluations on horses in rehabilitation.

The CHANGE Program

Post Office Box 6461,
Santa Rosa, CA 95406-0461

Phone: 707-570-7050

Together, we can make a Change!