Annie (#Cloverdale12)

CONGRATULATIONS Elizabeth and thank you for making Annie a member of your family! May her Khaleesi spirit soar like dragons with you!

12 year old

Chestnut QH Mare

Annie is a sorrel quarter horse mare, 12 years old, with a lot of personality and a lot of heart. She is trots right up to the gate to meet visitors and is curious albeit still a bit unsure about her new world. She has a very gentle demeanor and is laid back and willing when working with people. She has made a remarkable recovery in foster care and is totally sound and healthy! She has had all her vaccinations, deworming, dental work, and hoof care completed and she is now lunging and trying on tack. She is ready to find her permanent loving home. She is beginning to enjoy her pedicures (hoof care is a totally new concept to her)! She is a very affectionate, gentle and personable horse.

Please email for more information.

UPDATE: January 2019: Go Annie Go! Annie is working three to four times per week on groudwork and on the lunge. And, she is now getting used to the weight of a rider on her back. She has fun whipping it up in the arena when she gets turned out! Come and meet her- she is a very sweet, gentle horse and is need of a good home.

Check out this video of her with a rider getting on her back:

Wow- what nice horse! She is a beautiful mover and is well conformed. Check out these adorable videos of her figuring out what the lunge line is all about!

She is coming along very nicely on the lunge line and is sound during work. This mare is perfectly healthy and sound- we are so proud of her with how far she has come in her rehabilitation! She is definitely ready for someone to adopt her and make her a part of the family.

Annie on June 7, 2018

At Intake:

Annie in May- skin is all healed! She is now growing in a beautiful, healthy, shiny coat.

June, 2018: Annie enjoying life in pasture with her friend Hallie!