"Bob" is a beautiful 24-25 year old, 16.2 hand Quarter Horse gelding who entered CHANGE several hundred pounds underweight. In addition, he had a life-threatening injury to his sheath that required daily veterinary treatment. Bob was transported to a CHANGE foster barn where he was seen immediately by a veterinarian. Skilled CHANGE volunteers carryied out veterinary instructions to treat the wound, which included twice daily medications and bandage changes. Bob underwent an intense rehabilitative feeding program and responded wonderfully to therapy! Bob loves attention!

Bob's sheath is now healed, and Bob is ready for a forever home. His riding history includes western events and parades. Tested negative for Cushings. Current on dental work, vaccines, and worming. No special dietary or medical needs. He's a "been there, done that" kind of guy. Kind, easy to handle, no vices. Gets along well with other horses. Bob is not 100% sound at this point (we are working on that), so he would be best suited to a companion home, leadline, or possibly light hacking with a smaller intermediate rider.

January, 2013
Bob 1/2013 Bob

Bob Bob

April, 2013
Bob - April 2013 Bob