B.T. (a.k.a. "Gracie")

June 16, 2021

Congratulations to Stephanie for making Gracie a part of her family! Thank you so much!!


B.T., also nicknamed "Gracie" by her foster mom, remains one of the most intelligent and intuitive horses that CHANGE has had the honor of helping. She is in need of a new home due to her adopter moving to the east coast. Gracie's vet felt that it wouldn't be kind to subject her to such a long trailer trip. Her longtime adopter is sad to give her up.

Gracie is in her early 20s and is looking for a home as a companion horse. She is a healthy mare with no special feed needs. Gracie takes Previcox daily to help manage senior aches and pains. She gets along well with other horses and tends to be low man in group turnout. Gracie would make a gentle companion to another senior horse. She likes people but is fairly independent and doesn't require a lot of attention outside of regular grooming and basic care.

Gracie does struggle at times with seeing the farrier. We suspect, in part, due to her rough past and the accident that brought her to CHANGE. For safety, her adoptive mom uses oral sedation for farrier work and the farrier works slowly and patiently, giving her breaks often.

For information about adopting Gracie, please contact director@sonomachangeprogram.com

Adoption fee of $150 to approved permanent home.

December, 2014
B.T., December 2014

B.T., December 2014 B.T., December 2014

B.T., December 2014 B.T., December 2014

January, 2015
B.T., January 2015