UPDATE: September, 2019: CONGRATULATIONS Gerry, Montana and Cassie! We are so excited that Cassie has found a loving home :)

Cassie is in her early 20s, and we believe she is an Arabian or Arabian/Morgan type cross. Cassie was abandoned behind the fire lines on Porter Creek Road during the Tubbs fire in October 2017. She and her companion survived the fire and the days following, but the horses were in rough shape and the experience was hard on them. Sadly, her companion had to be euthanized.

Since then, Cassie has sort of bounced around our foster care program. It's hard to adopt out older horses, and it's especially hard to adopt out older horses who have a "mare face." That's a nice way of saying Cassie is a grouch. Cassie is like a candy with a sweet soft center and a crunchy exterior. Her "mare face" is all bluster. She's safe as they come and she wants so badly to have someone fuss over her and feed her treats and tell her she's pretty, but she pins her ears and snakes her head and people walk away. It makes us so sad, to see Cassie misunderstood. We know Cassie. She is quite sweet once you look past the crunchy exterior. Cassie needs someone who loves and understands cranky old mares. Embraces them, even.

On the flip side, she stands like a statue while being bathed, tied, clipped. She is happy in or out. Zero drama. She is low man on the totem pole in pasture and would be an amazing companion. Cassie hops in a trailer. She is serviceably sound for light to moderate riding in the arena or on trail. She has tons of training, moves off your leg and is a forward horse. She is a DREAM in the arena and goes in a frame by herself. Our farrier loves Cassie because she is so nice to work on.

Cassie is SO ready to find her forever home and become part of a your life. Foster care is OK, but you are never someone's special horse, and it's been 18 months now of being a foster kid. We are calling all grouchy senior mare lovers -- this is an amazing little horse who is way beyond ready for her fairy tale ending. Please message us here for information about Cassie!

Check out this video of Cassie doing her thing:

Please email if you would like to give this awesome little mare a forever home!