November 18 ,2016

On Friday, November 18 ,2016 Sonoma County Animal Services requested assistance from CHANGE in the case of a gelding reported by a good Samaritan to be extremely thin and standing in a field. After evaluation by Animal Services, the horse was deemed to be severely emaciated and was immediately seized by law enforcement. CHANGE was on scene to provide transport into a foster barn capable of providing the horse with around-the-clock critical care. Sadly, despite our best efforts, the horse we nicknamed "Elliott" collapsed on Saturday and was unable to rise. It was determined by veterinarians it was in his best interest to humanely euthanize him. A law enforcement investigation is underway, and we will update you as we have information to share. While we are sad we couldn't save this sweet guy, we are comforted that in his last hours he knew love, a warm dry bed, and a little food in his belly