This senior Arabian mare entered CHANGE foster care in late November of 2014. She had been abandoned on a rural property and has been fending for herself for some time. She was very thin and covered with hundreds of ticks. Although she still has most of her teeth, Emily prefers green grass and pelleted mash and thrived on a diet of soaked pellets in her rehabilitation. She is a very sweet, gentle horse who loves attention and can be groomed all day. She gets along with other horses, goats and sheep in pasture and would make a great pasture-pal for a loving adoptive family. She is current on dental care, hoof care, vaccinations and deworming and does not have Cushing's Disease. Make her a part of your family today by emailing director@sonomachangeprogram.com or by calling (707) 570-7050.

November, 2014
Emily, November 2014

Emily, November 2014

Emily, November 2014

December, 2014
Emily, December 2014

January, 2015
Emily, January 2015