This sweet 25 year old Peruvian Paso mare was impounded by Sonoma County Animal Control on March 4, 2014. She was underweight and had severe rain rot. She was at a CHANGE foster barn to begin her rehabilitation. Please visit our Facebook page to see more photos of her and her progress.

March, 2014

Estrellia, March 2014 Estrellia, March 2014

Little Estrellia has some spunk! This 25 year old Peruvian Paso mare still has all of her teeth and stood like a champ while they were powerfloated. It appears from the looks of her teeth that they may never have been filed! She also got vaccines and some loving TLC from CHANGE volunteers who continue to work tirelessly to put weight on her and clear up her fulminant skin fungal infection. Her eye is bright and she has made some new friends at the foster barn; she is happy to be eating and to be warm at night in a stall with a blanket. So far, CHANGE has provided foster care, hoof trimming, deworming, dental work, vaccinations and special weight-gain pelleted feed for Estrellia. Up next: blood testing (which is done on all older horses in the program) and a few more vaccines to complete her series. Thanks to all of the supporters who have made contributions to help this poor little girl back onto a path towards health!

Estrellia being powerfloated Estrellia being powerfloated

Estrellia, March 2014 Estrellia, March 2014

60 Days

Estrellia was determined to regain her strength and body condition! Her aim and determination made her an "alpha" at her foster care facility. She had no problem telling horses twice her size where to go! Clearly, she is well-adapted for herd life, and she managed to keep peace while she enjoys some grazing time each day. She has a clean bill of health, too. Her teeth are all present and her blood tests are clear! She has been vaccinated, dewormed, and had her little feet trimmed. In just a few more weeks, she will be ready for a permanent, loving home. Estrellia is a very sweet and well-behaved mare. She is somewhat shy, but always respectful. It takes her a little while to warm up to folks, but . . . can we blame her? Despite her wariness at first, she can become a cuddle-bug when she senses benevolence and kindness.

Estrellia, 60 Days Estrellia, 60 Days