CONGRATULATIONS DASHA AND SASHA for making Jesse the newest member of your family! We are so happy that he has found his loving family smiley


Jesse entered CHANGE foster care in March of 2021. He is a 14.3 hand, approx. 16 year old Morgan-Arab type who had been running loose in the hills of West County for about a year and was impounded by Sonoma County Animal Services.

Jesse came to us as a semi-feral stallion. He was pretty sketchy to handle and lacked all basic ground skills. We had Jesse gelded in April, and after a period of letdown and handling, he entered full training with a local trainer who has helped us with similar unsocialized horses.

Now through a boot camp training program with a local trainer experienced in starting horses, Jesse is making remarkable progress with basic ground skills. He now leads, is learning to tie, can have his feet handled, gets fly sprayed, does round pen work, lunges, and is learning to interact with other geldings through a fence. Jesse still shows some stallion behaviors and will need continued strong guidance from his handler.

Jesse is intelligent, likes to learn, enjoys people and is eager to please. He will require an experienced owner with advanced level skills to manage his continued training and development. Jesse will need to be started under saddle by his adopter. We believe that, with time, training and miles, Jesse will make a great little horse.

Check out this video of him working with the trainer on 6/5/21:

It is hard to believe that only a few months ago, he was running feral. Thanks to all of the people who have helped rehabilitate him- including the trainer, foster barns, and incredible veterinary crew who have worked on him.

For information about adopting Jessie, please contact

Adoption fee of $150 to approved permanent home.

Photos of Jessie as of June, 2021:

Below are some photos of Jessie in March, and then again in May of 2021.