Lacey is a beautiful four-year-old chestnut Arabian mare with four fancy white socks. She is a sweet, but spunky, little mare and she loves company! Lacey enjoys being groomed and stands tied or cross-tied to happily accept any attention that she gets. She is still learning in life and CHANGE was unsure if she was broke to ride. However, Lacey is athletic and sound and is able to carry a light, shorter rider.

Congratulations to Tana on her adoption of Lacey!

April, 2012
Lacey is fully rehabilitated. After dental care, hoof care, vaccinations, deworming and a balanced diet with regular amounts of good quality hay, she quickly regained her weight and her spunk! Thanks to the generous donation of a wonderful benefactor, the CHANGE Program Special Needs Fund was able to sponsor 6 months of training for Lacey. She has shaped up to be a great riding horse and will be a great project for an experienced horse person.

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Day 1
Lacey - day 1

Day 12
Lacey - day 12

Day 45 - November, 2011
Lacey Lacey

Day 60
Lacey - day 60