After six days, Leah had already gained 75 pounds in rehab! Check out her pictures. She lost her tail. It had to be cut off, but she gained a bunch of weight. Not a bad trade off.

Leah is a sweet and spunky 12-year-old bay Arabian mare who whinnies to greet any visitors who may be walking by. She LOVES, LOVES, LOVES attention and always lowers her head down to let people pet her. Leah had the worst knot in her tail when she arrived—it was a 2-foot-long knot! Her feet were trimmed, she was bathed, and extensive dental work was completed. She recovered under veterinary supervision at a CHANGE Program foster care facility.

June 2011
See Leah on YouTube: Leah under saddle

July 2011
Congratulations, Helen, and thank you for making Leah a member of your family.

Day One 2009
Leah - day one Leah

6 Days
Leah - after 6 days Leah

April 2011
Leah has recently been returned to the CHANGE Program because her past adopter could no longer keep her. Although the CHANGE Program intends to place our horses into "forever" homes, we recognize that circumstances can change with adopters. Therefore, we always will take CHANGE horses back into the program and rehome them if they are returned.

Leah is a beautiful, gentle, loving and sound 20-year-old bay Arabian mare. She absolutely cherishes attention and is kind and gentle. She loves trail riding and is a graceful mover in the arena. Because she is an Arabian, she is a bit shorter in stature (14-2 hands) and therefore is only suitable for a lighter rider. She gets along well with other horses in pasture and is very submissive. She is current on dental work, vaccinations, deworming and foot care and has recently been examined and deemed to be healthy by the CHANGE Program veterinarian (bloodwork included).
Leah - April 2011 Leah - April 2011

July 2011
Leah - July 2011 Leah