Little Nova

Little Nova Little Nova had a hard life from the beginning. She was taken in to CHANGE at only 5 weeks old, when she was found in a pasture standing next to the body of her dead mother.

CHANGE immediately took Nova in and got her veterinary attention. Luckily, she learned quickly how to eat Foal pellets. We were overjoyed at the prospect of being able to save this baby and watch her grow up in the CHANGE family.

Joy turned to sorrow when, shortly into rehabilitation, Nova succumbed to a terrible and unforseeable accident. Our hearts go out to her and we will never forget her spirit and bravery, despite her only being with us for a short time. We hope and pray that she is back with her mother now.

Our thanks go out to all who helped her during her rescue, especially the devoted foster barn that took her in and provided excellent care. (1-2013)