Update: April, 2020: Meera has found her home! Thank you Amanda for making her the newest member of your family.

Check out the AMAZING transformation of Meera and her herd mate Scarlett, after only a few months in the CHANGE Program!


After her recent veterinary visit, Meera is looking much much better! Here are a few updated photos:

Meera is approximately 14 to 15 years old by examination of her teeth. She is a grulla paint mare who was found abandoned in a horse trailer in the Home Depot parking lot in Windsor, CA in late July 2019 along with another mare. She and her friend waited patiently in the cramped trailer for approximately 18 hours without food and water in 90 degree heat for someone to help them. Thankfully, they were noticed by concerned citizens and taken into custody by local animal authorities. They entered the CHANGE Program shortly thereafter at which time one of our dedicated foster barns has worked tirelessly to rehabilitate them. Meera had skin issues that needed daily attention and also needed some groceries, just like her companion. Meera has received badly needed dental care by a CHANGE Program veterinarian, as well as vaccinations, hoof care, deworming, and medication to make her more comfortable on her hind limb which has a chronic hock joint injury. Here are photos of Meera when she entered the CHANGE Program:

Here is Meera a few weeks later after being in the CHANGE Program rehabilitation program: