This 19-year-old Thoroughbred mare was left to fend for herself a long winter in a muddy paddock with no shelter. Her body condition was very poor: she was a 2 out of 9 on the Henneke Body Condition Scoring Scale, which means that she is several hundred pounds underweight. The owner only occasionally fed her and also never bothered to treat a large chronic wound on her hind leg. The Sonoma County Animal Care and Control Department took her into custody and promptly placed her in the care of the CHANGE Program. She was safely transported to a foster care facility for her long and involved rehab. CHANGE provided all medications and supplies, supplemental feed, veterinary service and all the TLC she needed along her road to recovery.

Video of Mindy: February 2012

March 2011
Mindy Mindy

April 2011
Mindy did great in rehabilitation! She gained approximately 150 pounds after has only being in the CHANGE family for a little over three weeks. She got her teeth powerfloated by the CHANGE Program veterinarian. She was perfectly behaved and her teeth are in really good shape. By our estimate, she is about 23 years old. Onward and upward for Mindy! Root for her on Facebook and please pass the word along to your friends—she will be looking for a loving family home soon.
Mindy - April 2011 Mindy - getting dental work

Day 45
Mindy is continuing to gain weight in her rehabilitation! She is also growing in a new coat after losing much of her hair to a full body rain-rot infection. Now that it is all cleared up, she is looking shiny and healthy! She has gained over 200 pounds after being in the CHANGE Program for only 45 days. We are so proud of her! She is a happy, healthy girl and she loves attention. She is sound on the lunge line and ponies next to other horses without any problems. We think that she will be a great dressage prospect for a loving owner and she is going to be ready for adoption soon!
Mindy - 45 days Mindy - 45 days

June 2011
Mindy is a beautiful chestnut Thoroughbred mare that has proven herself to be an absolute treasure. She is kind and gentle and loves attention, she never tires of having company! She has perfect ground manners and is completely trained to tie, trailer, have her feet trimmed and shod, and she is calm around the vet! She gets along great with other horses and loves being ponied on walks. She clearly has extensive dressage training and willingly moves forward on the bit. Although she is in her early 20s, she is totally healthy and sound and she is ready for a rider to get her back into shape. She is current on hoof care, vaccinations, dental work and has clean bloodwork! She is happy and healthy and ready for a new start in life with a loving home. Amateur riders will do well with this well-trained mare, she is calm and knows how to carry a rider.
Mindy - June 2011 Mindy June 2011

Mindy Mindy - June 2011

July 2011
Minday - July Minday - July