Scarlett is a sorrel Thoroughbred mare that was brought into Sonoma County Animal Care and Control custody along with her friend, Rosie, in early March, 2014. Both animals were kept in less than ideal conditions for several years and we are relieved that they are finally in our care. Scarlett is a beautiful mover and has a sweet, loving disposition.

March, 2015
Video of Scarlett: Scarlett, March 2015.

Scarlett, March 2015 Scarlett, March 2015


June, 2014

Scarlett, June, 2014 Scarlett, June 2014

May 15, 2014
Scarlett is enjoying the good life in foster care! She recently had her teeth powerfloated and boy did she need that! She had some extremely sharp enamel points poking into her cheeks. Now gone, she can eat without discomfort. Her foster care barn has given her every luxury: grass pasture by day, bedded stall at night, blankets, fly mask, and lots of TLC. It is paying off. In just weeks she has gained well over 150 lbs. and her coat has turned glossy and smooth. She only has a few more pounds to go and she will be ready to find a permanent loving family. We believe that Scarlett is rideable, and the foster family is beginning to work her now. She is a 11-to-12 year old Thoroughbred mare, extremely personable and loves to be pampered. She knickers at passer's by and comes readily to the gate to greet visitors. This horse is so sweet and gentle: with an A++ personality.

Week 2, Under Tack

May 1, 2014
Scarlett is thriving in foster care. She is a very sweet mare who loves attention and is eager to please. Her foster home has done a thorough training evaluation and determined that she has most likely never been started under saddle. Scarlett is doing ground work and learns fast. She is a lovely mover who will make a fun project horse for someone interested in dressage, eventing, or hunters. Adoption fee $150 to lifetime, approved home. Please contact to learn more about Scarlett and adoption through CHANGE.

YouTube videos of Scarlett on the lungeline:

Scarlett's Spa Day, March 17, 2014
This past weekend Scarlett got the royal treatment! She was vaccinated, dewormed, powerfloated and "beautified" after a mini-mane pulling and a few passes of the clippers on her bridle path and ears. She was a perfectly behaved angel for the procedures; she seemed to really love the attention!