Shiloh Shiloh Shiloh entered the CHANGE Program in 2009 with an emaciated body condition. At the time of her entry, she had lost almost half of her body mass due to starvation. Statistics show that horses in this body condition have less than a 15% chance of survival when being refed.

Despite our best, dedicated efforts, Shiloh succumbed to starvation just five days into her rehabilitation. She was 23 years old, sweet, loving and gentle. She will be dearly missed.

Also both 23 years old, her caretaker, Amanda Reece-Holm and her owner, Crystal Strand, were both charged with felony animal abuse by the Sonoma County District Attorney. Strand, a Sonoma State college student, plead guilty to felony animal abuse after a judge heard expert witness testimony by the CHANGE Program veterinarian. Her counterpart, Amanda Holm, turned state's evidence against Strand in exchange for a misdemeanor conviction. Both young women are currently serving probation for their crime.