Wally (#Cloverdale12)

UPDATE July 2019: We are thrilled that Wally has found a FOREVER home with a truly awesome loving family. He is already showing behavioral bonding with his family- we know he has finally landed in the right place. Wally is a testament to the will and spirit of horses. They can be mistreated for years and years, but they have the ability to start each day fresh with an unfathomable ability to forgive and give us one more try. We are glowing with pride to have finally been able to show Wally that not all human's are so bad.

He is a stunning horse, check out Wally showing off his walk, trot, and canter in this video:


Please email director@sonomachangeprogram.com for more information.

Wally is a 12-year-old Paint gelding with a gorgeous marbled eye. He hasn’t had a lot of life experience and had likely never been anywhere before we got him out, but he tries incredibly hard to please. Thanks to an assist from the folks at the American Paint Horse Association, we know his pedigree, though he was never registered. Wally suffered from seriously uncared for feet, and has needed a fair bit of work to get them turned around (as proof it had been awhile, he was clearly confused by being asked to hold up a hoof and get it trimmed). But his hooves have been corrected and now he does great with the farrier! He’s is big and handsome, and really wants to connect with people. He was gelded in May of 2018. Due to his age, the procedure was performed at UC Davis. He recovered well. He is sound and current on all veterinary work and ready for an adoptive home to help him with the next stage of his life journey.

At Intake:

After 3 weeks of care: