YiyoYiYo was not even lucky enough to make it into the CHANGE Program, but his story is at the heart of one of the most important felony animal cruelty trials in county history.

Working closely with the District Attorney’s office, the CHANGE Program provided technical support that would allow the prosecution team to better understand the nuances of an equine case, as well as expert witness testimony from an equine veterinarian with forensic training.

YiYo’s owner locked the emaciated and colicking elderly Thoroughbred gelding in a 12x12 box stall without water or food. The horse, who suffered and thrashed for hours, finally succumbed to death caused by a twisted intestine.

Responding to a call from a concerned neighbor the next day, Animal Control officers found the horse dead in his stall.

YiYo’s companions, Jack and Katie, were immediately impounded by the Animal Control department and transferred into CHANGE Program foster care. They were rehabilitated and today live in loving, permanent homes.