This 10-year-old Thoroughbred mare was impounded by Sonoma County Animal Care Control on April 11, 2014 due to emaciation and a severe skin infection. Her case was under investigation. She received lots of TLC at a CHANGE foster barn, including daily warm medicated baths, which she loved. This is a lovely mare with a real will to live! She appears to have lived in a barn situation before and took one look at her beautiful foster barn and sighed as if to say "Well, it's about time!" Her foster mom reports that she thoroughly enjoyed her first night in a stall bedded with shavings and seems to have the whole routine down.

Primrose went on a re-feeding diet in order get her body used to receiving regular feed, as her body condition score was approximately 1.5 upon intake (emaciated). She was also treated for severe and very itchy skin condition. Please contact or 707-570-7050 for more information about Primrose!

April, 2014

Primrose, April 2014 Primrose, April 2014

Primrose, April 2014 Primrose, April 2014

Primrose flourished in rehabilitation! She ate everything in sight- but still found time to knicker at passers-by. She is quite the socialite! She has been treated by the vet for her skin condition and her coat is growing back healthy and shiny. Her foster barn is doing an amazing job tending to her needs.

Petunia-Primrose, May 2014 Petunia-Primrose, May 2014

Petunia-Primrose, May 2014 Petunia-Primrose, May 2014

June, 2014
Primrose was pregnant! We had suspected she might be in foal upon intake in April, and the veterinarian was able to confirm the pregnancy in May. Petunia-Primrose gained a ton of weight and looked very good thanks to the excellent care from her foster barn. She was moved to a different CHANGE foster barn with expertise in high-risk pregnancies and foaling, where she and her baby got the skilled care they needed. It was estimated that Primrose was in her last trimester of pregnancy. She is quite big and is showing signs that she could foal within the next few weeks.

Petunia-Primrose, Two weeks before giving birth Petunia and Sawyer, June 2014
Two weeks prior to giving birth

UPDATE: Welcome Baby Sawyer!
Primrose gave birth to a healthy colt at 4:33 a.m. on Sunday, June 15, 2014. His foster barn family decided that "Sawyer" was a perfect name for him. He and his mom are loving life!.

September, 2014
Primrose and Sawyer are doing great and Sawyer is growing up healthy and strong in the foster home!

Petunia and Sawyer, September 2014 Sawyer, at 5 months
Sawyer, at 5 months

November, 2014

Petunia-Primrose, 5 months post partem Petunia-Primrose and Sawyer, 5 months

Primrose has handled motherhood with class and ease. Primrose is sound, athletic, and a nice mover. Primrose is looking for her forever home now, and is available now with Sawyer, or separately.

February, 2015
Primrose weaned her colt, Sawyer, in December, and has spent the last couple of months getting strong in pasture. She gets along well with other horses, is happy in a stall or out in pasture, and is generally an easy girl to have around. She loves people, and she is a presence! We will evaluate her training in March. Primrose would make an excellent pasture companion. Loves baths, great for farrier, loads in trailer, ties, blankets, does it all. This sweet girl is just so grateful for every day the feed cart rolls! Healthy, with no special needs. $150 adoption fee to approved lifetime home.