2 year old TB/QH gelding

14.3 hands (should mature to 16 hands)

Unbroke but well started



Update 9/7/16

Well folks, it's official, Sawyer is OUTTA HERE. Our first program foal has been adopted, and has gone to an excellent, young-horse experienced home. His foster Mom will miss him, but she's thrilled he's going to such a great home. Sawyer was born at the foster barn, after his mother was seized while pregnant. He's spent two years growing up there, and is ready for his next steps. It is because of the wonderful foster barns in our program and the donations and support of our community that horses like Sawyer can have a happy ending. Farewell kiddo, have fun!


Update 8/11/16

Sawyer is finally growing in to the mature and handsome guy we always knew he would be, at the moment taking after his Throughbred dam in look and athleticism. This calm, friendly youngster ties, bathes, longes, wears a surcingle, and absolutely loves to go to work. He'll need someone with experience with young horses, but there is nothing this guy won't be able to do. Let him make your dreams come true.



Check out this recent video of Sawyer!


Sawyer is a two year old gelding born into foster care in June 2014 to Primrose. His dam is "IRS Memo Plus One," an unraced 2002 TB mare by Batonnier, and we suspect his sire was a Quarter Horse.


Sawyer was born in a foster home and has had excellent care and daily handling since day 1. Sawyer was foaled and has grown up on a farm specializing in young horses, where he spends his days turned out, socializing with other young horses, and moving constantly on a huge, hillside pasture. Sawyer is handled daily. He leads, ties, bathes, clips, lunges and is great for the farrier. He is current on his shots,deworming and hoof care. Sawyer is a real love bug, too.


He is turning out to be an athletic horse with a good mind, and he has definitely taken after the Quarter Horse side with his "been there, done that" attitude typical of the breed. Sawyer is correctly built, with nice straight legs. He is a good mover who has shown some natural ability to jump, as he occasionally jumps out of his pasture when he wants to be with friends next door.


We could easily see Sawyer pursuing a career in eventing, dressage, cowboy dressage or hunter/jumper all while taking his owner on horse camping trips on the weekends. He's going to be one of all-around horses that is amateur-friendly and a fun project to bring along. We can't wait to see what Sawyer will do.


Update 6/15/16

Sawyer turned 2 in June 2016 and will be ready to back very lightly before turning him out for an additional year to grow and mature. He is ready to move on to a new home where he can continue to grow and receive an education. He is available for adoption to an approved lifetime home (please, no re-sale or flips) with an experienced horseperson who has the skills and facility to raise and train this exceptional youngster.


Update 9/18/15

Sawyer is now nearly 1 year old and he is growing up to be a sweet, gentle gelding! He is showing athletic ability and eagerness to learn. His foster parents report that he is quite the jumper--clearing both 5 foot and 6 foot high fences in his pasture when he decides that he wants to be with his friends in the next field over. He is current on all of his vaccines, deworming and hoof care and he is looking for that "forever someone" who will make him a family member and unlock his potential.

Update 3/14/15
Sawyer is now 8 months old and is a gelding! He is turning out to be an athletic horse with a good mind. Sawyer recently surprised his foster home, an experienced warmblood breeder, by jumping out of his pasture--over a 6-foot fence. Sawyer is ready to move on to a new home where he can continue to grow and receive an education.

Update 11/5/14
Sawyer is now 5 months old and a beautiful, correct colt. He is handled daily and is used to being groomed and having his feet picked. He appears to have some Quarter Horse breeding, making him likely a Thoroughbred-Quarter Horse cross, or something similar. Sawyer will be gelded this month, and will be weaned after December. He is available for adoption now along with his mom, or separately in January. This is a NICE baby with serious sporthorse potential.

Update 9/16/14
Sawyer and Primrose are doing great. Sawyer is growing up health and strong in the foster home!

6/15/14 We are so proud of "Sawyer"- the first horse born in the CHANGE Program! He is a beautiful Thoroughbred cross gelding! His mother Primrose, a 10-year-old Thoroughbred mare, gave birth to him while in foster care at 4:33 a.m. on Sunday, June 15, 2014. His foster barn family was there for the event and got to choose his name.


Primrose and Sawyer, June 2014

Primrose and Sawyer, September 2014

Sawyer at 5 months

Sawyer, at 5 months

Primrose, 5 months post partem

Primrose and Sawyer, 5 months