20 years old

Arabian Mare

Companion Only



Update 11/19/16

Maya has been adopted and is reunited with her old friend Sophia. A special thanks to the generous adopter who has provided a forever home for both of these lovely girls.


Update 10/31/16

Maya has moved to another foster home now that the rains have come. She continues to win hearts wherever she goes! Her new foster mom says “Maya is doing well. It will take some time spent with her, but she is already talking with all of the other horses. And already she has learned just how to work me with her cute little whinny when she sees me. Great little horse. She does not miss a thing.”

She’s made a great recovery from her mild case of EPM and is ready to find her forever home as a companion. She is kind and sweet and gets along with everyone.


Update 9/7/16

Maya is ready for adoption! This sweet, gentle girl will make anyone a lucky owner. She just emanates calm. She has responded well to her EPM treatment and has gained weight and shine. She will need to continue her meds, but they have been donated by a generous supporter, so will be free of charge to the adopter. Come meet Maya and fall in love

Update 8/12/16

Maya, our special senior Arabian, continues to prove she is a fighter! She is improving from her EPM, and has captured the heart of her foster Mom with her sweet dignity. She is gaining weight, and clearly knows she is living the good life now. She will be ready for adoption before we know it!

Maya was found with her friend Sophia in Santa Rosa on May 16, 2016 when Sonoma County Animal Services was investigating the origin of Sugar. Maya is a lovely bay Arabian mare with the sweetest eyes you’ve ever seen. She was in desperate need of hoof care and was very thin. She is loving life in her CHANGE foster home, and is a truly kind and gentle soul. She is receiving needed medical care and lots of love and care. Please check back often for updates on Maya, or follow her progress on Facebook.