These horses were rehabilitated by the CHANGE Program and are now happy in their permanent loving adoptive homes. CHANGE rigorously screens potential adopters to ensure that a home is the right fit for both owner and horse. If for any reason an adoptive home cannot keep a CHANGE horse, the horse comes back to the program. Once a horse is in the CHANGE family, it is protected for life.

CHANGE is proud to have been able to help dozens of horses in critical need and place them in excellent homes. Because 100% of the work done in CHANGE is by volunteer effort, we view these success stories as “our paychecks.”

Buck (October, 2022)


Gabby (#Cloverdale12) (February, 2022)

Gabby (#Cloverdale12)

Jesse (January, 2022)


Sugar (October, 2021)


B.T. (a.k.a. "Gracie") (June, 2021)

B.T. (a.k.a. "Gracie")

B.T. (also nicknamed "Gracie" by her foster mom) remains one of the most intelligent and intuitive horses that CHANGE has had the honor of helping. She is a beautiful 17-year-old quarter horse mare with a gentle disposition. She gets along well with other horses and is looking for a family to call her own.

Daphne (November, 2020)


Lucy (July, 2020)


Lucy was born on November 17 in the early morning. Unfortunately, she got off to a rough start because she had difficulty standing and walking. Now she is a happy baby donkey reunited with her mother, Luna.

Meera (April, 2020)


Katie (#Cloverdale12) (March, 2020)

Katie (#Cloverdale12)

Cassie (September, 2019)


Ethel (#Cloverdale12) (August, 2019)

Ethel (#Cloverdale12)

Wally (#Cloverdale12) (July, 2019)

Wally (#Cloverdale12)

Poppy (#Cloverdale12) (June, 2019)

Poppy (#Cloverdale12)

Lakota (#Cloverdale12) (May, 2019)

Lakota (#Cloverdale12)

Hallie (#Cloverdale12) (May, 2019)

Hallie (#Cloverdale12)

Annie (#Cloverdale12) (March, 2019)

Annie (#Cloverdale12)

Amber (#Cloverdale12) (September, 2018)

Amber (#Cloverdale12)

Cocoa (#Cloverdale12) (August, 2018)

Cocoa (#Cloverdale12)

Shirley (#Cloverdale12) (June, 2018)

Shirley (#Cloverdale12)

Fred (#Cloverdale12) (June, 2018)

Fred (#Cloverdale12)

Estrella (July, 2017)


Sol (July, 2017)


Nemo (December, 2016)


Maya (November, 2016)


Sophia (October, 2016)


Sawyer (September, 2016)


Jerome (June, 2015)


Congratulations Kate on your adoption of Jerome! October, 2015.

Primrose (May, 2015)

Congratulations Sylvie on your adoption of Primrose!

Scarlett (April, 2015)


Congratulations, Chanda, on your adoption of Scarlett! May you both enjoy years of dressage and happy trails.

Emily (April, 2015)

"Congratulations Kate on making Emily a member of your family."

Rosie (September, 2014)

Congratulations to Dorian and Pilip on their adoption of Rosie.

Estrellia (May, 2014)

Congratulations to Suzie on her adoption of Estrellia, aka "Miss Nala."
Thank you, Suzie, for giving Nala such a wonderful lifetime home.

Bob (May, 2013)

Bob underwent an intense rehabilitative feeding program and responded wonderfully to therapy. Congratulations to Cherie on her adoption of Bob!

Mindy (May, 2013)

Congratulations to Cherie on her adoption of Mindy!

Taylor (January, 2013)

Taylor is a friendly and vivacious Arabian mare. She was well cared for in a CHANGE Program foster barn. She loves to be groomed and has a lovely disposition. Congratulations, Janet, for making Taylor a member of your loving family!

Penelope (June, 2012)

Penelope is a 25-year-old gray Arabian mare. She had a body condition score of 1 out of 9 on the Henneke Scoring scale. She was badly emaciated. The CHANGE Program assisted the Sonoma County Animal Care and Control Department in removing her from a property in mid-November, 2011. Congratulations to Pam for making this sweet little mare a part of your family!

Heather (June, 2012)

Heather is a spry Arabian mare who was removed from a property by Sonoma County Animal Care and Control in January. She is about 26 years old. Even though she came into CHANGE in rough condition, she did not missed a beat during her rehabilitation. Congratulations to Kate on her adoption of Heather!

Lacey (June, 2012)


Lacey is a beautiful four-year-old chestnut Arabian mare with four fancy white socks. She is a sweet, but spunky, little mare and she loves company! Lacey enjoys being groomed and stands tied or cross-tied to happily accept any attention that she gets. Congratulations to Tana on her adoption of Lacey!

Luna (January, 2012)

Luna is a very sweet adult female donkey that was abandoned in West Rohnert Park. She is a kind and gentle animal that loves attention and tries her hardest to do what she is asked.

CiCi (November, 2011)


Cici is an adorable, gentle 21-year-old Arab mare that loves to be groomed and handled, she is an incredibly kind sweet girl. Congratulations to Eric and Robyn for giving her a forever loving home!

Lily (September, 2011)

Lily is a one-year old female donkey that LOVES attention. She is sweet and gentle and stood amazingly still for having her hooves trimmed for the first time.

Leah (July, 2011)

Leah is a sweet and spunky 12-year-old bay Arabian mare who whinnies to greet any visitors who may be walking by. Congratulations, Helen, and thank you for making Leah a member of your family.

Art (May, 2011)


Art is a total sweetheart. He is a 21-year-old Arabian gelding that was dumped on Roblar and Valley Ford Roads in the dark of night. He was abandoned. Congratulations to foster mom Kate on her adoption of Art!

Daisy (May, 2011)

Daisy is a sweet, gentle, but lively, 18-year-old Arabian mare. Congratulations Michael, Tawny & family on their adoption of Daisy!

Socks (November, 2010)

Socks is a wonderful, gentle, kind 20-year-old quarter horse mare. She has extensive training in both English and Western disciplines and loves the trail. Congratulations to the Baker family for making Socks a member of their family!

Nonie (October, 2010)

Nonie is a 25-year-old quarter horse mare, who was found starving in an unattended pasture in Santa Rosa. Despite her emaciated condition, Nonie has maintained the sweet disposition, and she has become known for her trademark "ears forward" facial expression.

Bobby (September, 2010)


Bobby is a 24-year-old bay Thoroughbred gelding, who is very gentle and instantly gets along with other horses. Congratulations to Robyn and Eric for making him a member of their loving family!

Balou (June, 2010)


Balou is an 11-year-old Thoroughbred gelding, who is good on the trail and does lower level equitation and jumper work. Congratulations to Linda on your adoption of Balou!

Crystal (March, 2010)

Crystal is an affectionate 15-year-old Arabian mare who entered CHANGE foster care along with her mother, CiCi.

Mr. Pony (December, 2009)

Mr. Pony, aka Pony Boy, is a Welsh pony gelding who entered CHANGE Program foster care emaciated and depressed. Kind, wonderful pony who is gentle, bombproof, and loves children.

Destiny (December, 2008)


Destiny is an 18-year-old Anglo-Arab mare that was seized by Sonoma County Animal Control in November, 2008, from a hoarder who fed her only stale bread.

Katie (July, 2007)

Katie was adopted by a loving couple from Ft. Collins, Colorado, where she now lives in her forever home and is in training for hunter shows.



Argus taught CHANGE about a horse's will to survive. After being locked in a 12 x 24 stall for 16 years and fed garbage at the hands of an abusive hoarder, he learned to live again in CHANGE.


Hannah is a 27-year-old Quarter Horse mare who was impounded by Sonoma Animal Care and Control.


Sammy (aka "Olivia")

Sammy (aka "Olivia")

Friendly, athletic and sound, Samantha is a 16.2-hand, 11-year-old Trakehner-Thoroughbred mare seized by Sonoma County Animal Control in November, 2008.