These horses were rehabilitated by the CHANGE Program and are now happy in their permanent loving adoptive homes. CHANGE rigorously screens potential adopters to ensure that a home is the right fit for both owner and horse. If for any reason an adoptive home cannot keep a CHANGE horse, the horse comes back to the program. Once a horse is in the CHANGE family, it is protected for life.

CHANGE is proud to have been able to help dozens of horses in critical need and place them in excellent homes. Because 100% of the work done in CHANGE is by volunteer effort, we view these success stories as “our paychecks.”


Sammy (aka "Olivia")

Sammy (aka "Olivia")

Friendly, athletic and sound, Samantha is a 16.2-hand, 11-year-old Trakehner-Thoroughbred mare seized by Sonoma County Animal Control in November, 2008.